Lawsuit Filed Over Alleged Student Abduction In Chicago

There has been a lawsuit filed against the Chicago Board of Education concerning an alleged child abduction and subsequent rape of an 11-year-old female student in May.

The girl is said to have been lured away from school property by a stranger.  The lawsuit claims that a teacher witnessed the alleged abduction but failed to contact authorities.

The teacher is said to have called out to the student, and took three pictures, but otherwised failed to take appropriate actions.

The alleged abduction occurred on May 11 at John Cook Elementary.

Neither the alleged victim nor the teacher have been publicly identified.

Chicago Police confirmed on Wednesday that a suspect was arrested for the alleged incidents but was released without being criminally charged, pending further investigation.

Additional details and possible updates can be seen in a variety of media sources including the story of October 24 titled “Chicago school board sued over child’s alleged abduction, rape” as well as the NBC Chicago story of October 24 titled “Family Sues School Board Over Child’s Abduction, Rape.”