Chicago Sexual Abuse & Assault Lawyer

Sexual Abuse & Assault happens with alarming frequency, as seen in the array of media stories on the topic as well as various statistics.  As well, there is undoubtedly a significant number of these cases that go unreported.

Sexual Abuse & Assault lacks a concise definition, as it can occur in many different forms and under many different circumstances.  Whether an act will be considered sexual abuse depends upon many factors, including the circumstances under which the act occurred, as well as the age or condition of the persons involved.

Acts that fall under Sexual Abuse & Assault can include when someone is the subject of inappropriate and/or unwanted kissing, touching, fondling, rape, or other sexual act.  As well, it can include other inappropriate actions such as sexual misconduct, exposure of nudity, performance of lewd acts, and possibly the display of pornography.

Perpetrators of Sexual Abuse & Assault can range from complete strangers to those very familiar to the victims, possibly including clergy members or other religious leaders, school teachers / school staff members, a coach, a bus driver, or a family member.

Sexual Abuse & Assault often has a long-lasting, devastating impact on its victims, including both psychological and physical impairments.

While Sexual Abuse & Assault incidents are very physically and emotionally traumatic, it is in your best interest to discuss your case with an experienced attorney as soon as possible.

While Elman Law Group does not criminally prosecute offenders for crimes, we may be able to help sexual abuse and sexual assault victims collect against parties that may be civilly liable.

Elman Law Group’s concentration in Personal Injury law in the Chicago area gets proven results.  With decades of experience involving Illinois case law, we know the potential worth of cases – and will work to get you the maximum award possible, whether through settlement or jury verdict.  Over the last 20+ years, we have established a reputation as accomplished court trial lawyers.  We have a proven capability to successfully take cases to trial should settlement offers prove inadequate.

If you or someone you know has been involved in a Sexual Abuse & Assault incident, please contact us immediately to discuss your situation. This discussion is provided free of charge and is confidential.