Principal Of Lake Forest Illinois Middle School Placed On Leave Stemming From Sexual Harassment Case

The principal of a Lake Forest, Illinois middle school was placed on administrative leave yesterday after additional details were made known concerning his use of a work cell phone to send lewd photos and text messages to a college student who had visited the school during the course of an internship.

The principal is John Steinert, 40, who has been principal of the Deer Path Middle School.

Steinert had previously plead guilty to misdemeanor harassment in 2009, but the case is receiving renewed scrutiny as more details have been uncovered.

Additional details can be seen in the Chicago Tribune story of November 17 titled “Lake Forest principal on leave after admitting to sending lewd photo, texts to college student” as well as the November 18 Fox Chicago article titled “Principal suspended for Lewd Texts to College Student Sent from Work Phone.”