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This website is published by the Elman Law Group LLC, an Illinois personal injury law firm based in Chicago.  In this site, instances of alleged and actual sexual abuse and sexual assaults are discussed.  As well, statistics regarding sexual abuse and sexual assault are also featured.  Other relevant issues are also discussed, such as prevention of sexual abuse and assaults, and Illinois personal injury lawsuits regarding these sex crimes.

Elman Law Group’s lawyers have decades of experience practicing personal injury law in the Chicago metropolitan area, and over the last 20+ years Elman Law Group has handled over 10,000 Illinois personal injury lawsuits. This experience gives us extensive practical knowledge in Illinois case law, and it also helps us to accurately assess how much your case is worth and how we may best help you realize the maximum monetary compensation.

We are a family-run law firm; we will aggressively fight for the ideal resolution of your case.  As well, at our law firm you will always be dealing with a partner.  Your case will not be given to a paralegal or assistant.  We retain our cases –  your case will not be transferred to another law firm.

We will provide you a free consultation and advise you as to how we may help. Please call us at (773) 392-8182 or email us (elmanlaw@aol.com) at any time.

In past years, we were named as “#1 (law firm in Chicago) to verdict” numerous times – meaning that of all law firms, we were most likely to have cases decided in court, as opposed to settled out of court. What this means is that should your case require a trial, we have extensive experience in representing cases in court. Our experience may very well help you achieve a greater settlement than if you were to settle out of court.