Alleged Barrington School Bus Sexual Abuse Incident

There has been a report concerning alleged sexual abuse of a female student on a school bus by two male students.  All three are students at Barrington Middle School.

The alleged sexual abuse happened between October 1 and October 4.

Details on the alleged abuse are somewhat limited.  However, the male students are reported to be in the eighth grade.  A Barrington Unit District 220 spokesperson said the alleged incident involved “inappropriate touching” of an eighth-grade girl, which was recorded on the surveillance camera in the school bus.

As well, the bus driver is said to have reported “something amiss,” and a few students also witnessed the alleged abuse.

Additional details and possible updates can be seen in a variety of media sources including the article of October 30 titled “Barrington school official:  2 middle school boys abused girl on bus” as well as the October 30 Chicago Sun-Times article titled “Barrington middle school students suspended over sex abuse on bus.”


Chicago West Side Sexual Assault By Man Impersonating Police Officer

Chicago Police have issued a community alert today concerning a West Side sexual assault of a woman by a man impersonating a police officer.  The assault happened on October 20.

An excerpt from the October 29 Chicago Tribune article titled “Police:  Man impersonated officer, sexually assaulted woman on West Side” :

The 36-year-old woman was waiting at a bus stop about 6 a.m. on the 1800 block of North Cicero Avenue in the North Austin neighborhood, police said.

The man approached the woman and identified himself as a police officer, then forced her into his vehicle, police said.

The man drove the woman to Cicero Avenue and 15th Street, where he sexually assaulted her, police said. The woman was released by the man after the assault.

Additional details, as well as a description of the alleged assailant, can be found in the Chicago Tribune article mentioned above.


Lawsuit Filed Over Alleged Student Abduction In Chicago

There has been a lawsuit filed against the Chicago Board of Education concerning an alleged child abduction and subsequent rape of an 11-year-old female student in May.

The girl is said to have been lured away from school property by a stranger.  The lawsuit claims that a teacher witnessed the alleged abduction but failed to contact authorities.

The teacher is said to have called out to the student, and took three pictures, but otherwised failed to take appropriate actions.

The alleged abduction occurred on May 11 at John Cook Elementary.

Neither the alleged victim nor the teacher have been publicly identified.

Chicago Police confirmed on Wednesday that a suspect was arrested for the alleged incidents but was released without being criminally charged, pending further investigation.

Additional details and possible updates can be seen in a variety of media sources including the story of October 24 titled “Chicago school board sued over child’s alleged abduction, rape” as well as the NBC Chicago story of October 24 titled “Family Sues School Board Over Child’s Abduction, Rape.”

Child Luring Attempt Made In Downers Grove, Illinois

There has been a report of a man allegedly trying to lure a teenage girl into his SUV in Downers Grove, Illinois.

The incident happened today at approximately 7:40 a.m., as the girl, age 15, was walking to school.

An excerpt from the October 18 Chicago Tribune article titled “Cops:  Man tried to lure teen to his SUV in Downers Grove” :

Police said in a release that the 15-year-old girl was walking in the area of Dunham Road and Concord Drive around 7:40 a.m. in the southern part of the village when a large, white SUV pulled up near her. The lone male occupant asked the girl to come to the car, police said.

The car followed the girl as she walked a couple of blocks north to the 6700 block of Dunham Road, when the girl changed directions and ran, police said. The vehicle then left in an unknown direction. A subsequent police search for the car in nearby areas was unsuccessful.

According to Downers Grove Police, the man is described as being 30-40 years old, with brown hair that is long and in a ponytail.

Those with information concerning the incident or suspect are asked to contact the Downers Grove Police Department at 630-434-5600.

Additional details and possible updates can be found in a variety of media sources including the Chicago Tribune article mentioned above.

Waukegan High School Employee Charged With Having Sex With Student

A Waukegan High School District 60 employee is charged with having a sexual relationship with a 17-year-old female student.  Timothy Kinsey, 44, of Waukegan, was arrested Oct. 10 and charged with five counts of domestic battery and two counts of criminal sexual assault, according to Waukegan Police.

Kinsey had served for two years as a safety officer at the Waukegan High School — Brookside Campus.  He admitted to domestic violence and the sexual relationship with the minor.

An excerpt from from an October 12 District 60 Press Release:

The employee was arrested on the unrelated charges on October 10. Soon afterward, it was learned that he allegedly had inappropriate contact with a student at an off-campus location. It is not believed that any other students were involved. The new charges were officially filed on the afternoon of October 11. The employee has been placed on administrative leave while the District investigates.

Additional details regarding the alleged incidents can be seen in a variety of media sources including the District 60 Press Release cited above, as well as the October 12 Daily Herald article titled “Police say Waukegan High employee had sex with student.”