Guilty Plea Stands In Criminal Sexual Assault Case Of 16-Year-Old Girl

There has been further court activity in the case of Robert Barrett, an ex-deputy coroner.

Barrett, 42, was originally sentenced to a 7-year prison term following his June plea of guilty to one count of criminal sexual assault.  He was accused of committing sex acts with a 16-year-old girl over a period ranging from December 1 2010 to January 18 2011.

Some excerpts from the October 27 Lake County News-Sun article titled “Guilty plea stands for ex-deputy coroner” :

Former deputy coroner Robert Barrett was back in court Thursday regarding a pending motion to withdraw his guilty plea.


“I brought you in because I was getting mixed signals about what you wanted,” Circuit Judge Daniel Shanes told Barrett.

There were papers on file at the court indicating that Barrett wanted to withdraw his plea and other papers on file that appeared to contradict that, Shanes said.

Barrett said he had considered bringing his case to the appellate court, but was not going to ask to withdraw his plea.

“(There is) no right to reconsider a sentence on a fully negotiated plea like you had,” Shanes said.

Barrett agreed to withdraw all pending motions.

“I will take the plea of guilt,” Barrett said.

Additional information and possible updates can be found in the above-mentioned Lake-County News-Sun article.

Elgin, Illinois Man Convicted Of Sexual Assault Of Girl

Late Wednesday, a Kane County jury convicted a man of one count of criminal sexual assault, a Class X felony, and two counts of criminal sexual assault, which are Class 1 felonies.

The man convicted was Jose L. Alvarez, 37, of Elgin.  He is said to have known the girl he had sexual contact with from 2007-2009, who is now 16 years old.

Alvarez faces a minimum of 14 year in prison.

Additional details are seen in the Kane County State’s Attorney’s Press Release of October 28, 2011 titled “Elgin Man Guilty Of Sexual Preying On Child, Faces Minimum 14-Year Prison Term.”

Child Abduction Attempts In Oak Park, Illinois And Berwyn, Illinois

There have been reports of four alleged child abduction attempts over the past week, with three happening in Oak Park, Illinois and a fourth in Berwyn, Illinois.

Each attempt involved a man trying to lure children into his car, according to police.  The man either offered the children a ride, or tried to engage them in conversation, including asking for directions.

The alleged suspect is described as being a white male, 40-60 years old.

An excerpt from the October 26, 2011 NBC Chicago article titled “4 Child Abduction Attempts Reported in Oak Park, Berwyn” :

On Friday afternoon near Hatch Elementary School, 1000 N. Ridgeland Ave., in Oak Park., a boy said a man sitting in his car tried to talk to him about a dog.

On Monday morning, two more incidents were reported, one at 7:30 a.m. near Longfellow Elementary School, 715 S. Highland Ave., in Oak Park and the other an hour later and about a mile away in the 800 block of South Oak Park Avenue.

In the fourth incident, which happened near Lincoln Middle School on Tuesday, a man in a car asked a boy for help.

Additional information and possible updates can be seen in a variety of media sources including the NBC Chicago article mentioned above, as well as the Oak Park-River Forest article of October 26 titled “Police Investigate Possible Child Abduction Attempts in Oak Park, Berwyn.”

93-Year-Old Woman Allegedly Sexually Assaulted In Crystal Lake Illinois Nursing Home

A certified nurse’s assistant has been charged with sexually assaulting a disabled 93-year-old woman at a Crystal Lake, Illinois nursing home.

Angelo J. Bird, 22, of Woodstock, was charged on Monday with felony criminal sexual assault.

The elderly woman, at the Crystal Pines Rehabilitation and Health Care Center, told Crystal Lake Police that Bird assaulted her on September 25.  The alleged sexual assault took place around 4:00 a.m.; Bird reportedly inappropriately touched the woman while she was sleeping, according to Deputy Chief Eugene Lowery.  After the alleged incident was reported to authorities, the woman was transported to Centegra Hospital in Woodstock, Illinois where she was examined and met with police.

Bird is said to have no prior convictions.  He was a midnight shift certified nurse’s assistant at the business, according to Deputy Chief Lowery.

Bird posted 10-percent of his $40,000 bond and has been released.  His court date has been set for November 17.

Additional details and possible updates can be seen in the Trib Local Crystal Lake article of October 25 titled “Police:  Nursing home employee sexually assaulted elderly woman.”


Naperville Illinois Man Sentenced To Life Imprisonment For Child Sex Abuse

A Naperville Illinois man, Stephen Silvey, 50, has been sentenced to life imprisonment for sexual abuse and assault of girls in both Naperville and Texas.

Excerpts from an October 20 press release from the Naperville Police Department titled “NPD Plays Key Role in Life Sentencing of Child Predator” :

In March of 2007, a 16 year old female victim reported to the Naperville Police she had been the victim of repeated sexual assaults since she was 7 years of age.  All of the assaults were said to have occurred in Naperville.

After a thorough investigation, a family “friend” was identified as the offender and was arrested on March 10, 2007.  Upon his arrest, several computers were confiscated, yielding tens of thousands of images of child pornography.

On June 17th, 2008 the offender plead guilty to predatory criminal sexual assault of a child, aggravated criminal abuse and possession of child pornography.  The suspect faced 12-77 years in prison, ultimately receiving a 57 year sentence.

Not satisfied, Investigator Erin Gibler of the Naperville Police Department identified a second victim of the offender who was currently residing in Plano Texas.  With the assistance of Investigator Beth Chaney of the Plano, Texas Police Department, the same offender was charged with similar charges as he faced here in Illinois. The victim from Texas had also been abused since age 7.  Additionally, the victim’s family believed the offender to be a “friend” of theirs via a past relationship.

Currently Silvey is in Texas, pending his return to Illinois to serve the 57-year sentence.  At its conclusion, he will be transferred back to Texas to serve the life imprisonment sentence for the crimes he committed in Texas.

Additional details can be found in the above-referenced Naperville Police Department Press Release.