City Of Chicago To Pay $22.5 Million In Lawsuit Settlement

The City of Chicago has approved, on a preliminary basis, a settlement of $22.5 million to compensate a woman from California who was released by Chicago Police in a high-crime area, and subsequently sexually assaulted and injured.

The settlement to the woman, Christina Eilman, now 27, is said to be one of the largest to a single plaintiff in City history.

Eilman was arrested by Chicago Police in May 2006 at Midway Airport for allegedly creating a disturbance.  The disturbance was later identified as a bi-polar breakdown.

Police took her to the Wentworth District Police Station.  She was held overnight, and is said to have continued to behave erratically.

The following day, Eilman was released by Chicago Police – despite frantic calls from Eilman’s parents telling police that she suffered from a bipolar disorder – into an area near the Robert Taylor homes.  Subsequently, she was lured into a Robert Taylor homes building, sexually assaulted and then fell (or was pushed from) a 7th floor window.  This fall is said to have caused a severe brain injury that has required around-the-clock medical care.

Additional details and subsequent updates can be seen in a variety of media sources including the January 15 CBS Chicago article titled “Finance Committee Backs Nearly $33 Million In Settlements Of Police Lawsuits” as well as the January 14 Chicago Sun-Times article titled “City to pay $22.5 million to bipolar woman released in high-crime area.”