Machesney Park High School Teacher Charged With Sexual Abuse

There has been an arrest of a high school teacher from Harlem High School on charges of criminal aggravated sexual abuse.

An excerpt from the article of July 17, 2015, titled “Harlem High School teacher arrested on sex abuse charges“:

Bryan Marchione, 33, is charged with aggravated criminal sexual abuse, according to the Winnebago County Sheriff’s Office.

A release from the Roscoe Police Department says the district is aware of the investigation and is cooperating.

Additional details and possible updates can be seen in a variety of media sources, including the article mentioned above, as well as the July 17 Rockford Register Star article titled “Harlem H.S. teacher arrested on sexual abuse charge.”

Woodstock, Illinois Man Charged With Sexual Abuse

A Woodstock, Illinois man has been arrested and charged with four counts of aggravated criminal sexual abuse.

The arrest happened on Tuesday (July 15, 2014) following a report of the man having inappropriate contact with a boy, said to be between 10 and 13, including at a public swimming pool last week.  Authorities were alerted to the inappropriate contact at Woodstock Water Works after an employee witnessed the activity, and a supervisor reported the incident to police the next day.

The man, Taylor L. Blaul, 29, is accused of having inappropriate contact with the boy on four occasions between September 2013 and July 9, 2014.

Additional details and possible updates can be seen in a variety of media sources, including the TribLocal McHenry article of July 16, 2014 titled “Woodstock drug counselor charged with sexually abusing boy at water park” as well as the July 16 Northwest Herald article titled “Counselor charged with sex crimes released on bond.”

Handling Of Church Sexual Abuse Allegations

Today’s (January 22, 2014) Wall Street Journal had an article titled “Documents Show Church Shielded Priests.”  The article discusses various aspects of alleged sexual abuse in the Chicago Catholic church, including handling of sexual abuse allegations by the Chicago Archdiocese and lawsuits.

Two excerpts from the article:

Thousands of pages of internal documents from one of the nation’s largest Catholic archdioceses lay out how the church protected some priests for decades and didn’t remove them even as evidence of sexual abuse grew.

The release Tuesday of memos, letters and reports from the Chicago Archdiocese by lawyers for abuse victims provide new details on the global sex-abuse scandal that has plagued the Roman Catholic Church.


Archdiocese officials said last week the nearly eight-year mediation process has resulted in victims being paid about $100 million in compensation. The archdiocese said in a statement that its leaders made some decisions decades ago that are now difficult to justify. But they added the response followed the law at the time, while highlighting current efforts to protect children and help victims.

Additional information can be seen in the Wall Street Journal article mentioned above, as well as a variety of other media sources.

Former High School Teacher Charged With Sexual Assault Of Student

A former high school teacher in Fox Lake has been charged with sexual assault and aggravated criminal sexual abuse of a child, according to the Lake County State’s Attorney’s office.

The former teacher is Amber Kraus, 30, of Mundelein, formerly a teacher at Grant Community High School in Fox Lake.  She resigned in October.

After learning of alleged inappropriate contact on October 6,  school officials immediately contacted police.

An excerpt from the Huffington Post article of November 21, 2013, titled “Amber Kraus, Science Teacher, Accused Of Sex With High School Student” :

Lake County prosecutors say the science teacher admitted having sexual contact with the Grant High School student, but denies that they had sexual intercourse. The victim told police that the two had sex at Kraus’ Grayslake, Ill., home, and exchanged inappropriate photos.

Additional details and possible updates can be seen in the Huffington Post article mentioned above, as well as the November 26 Chicago Tribune article titled “Female teacher faces sexual assault charges.”

Woman Fondled And Punched In Chicago’s Union Station

On Saturday, November 16, 2013, a woman was fondled as she slept in Chicago’s Union Station.  The man charged with fondling her was also charged for punching her in the face when the woman called police.

The assailant was identified as Maurice Scales, 27, of Minneapolis.  He was charged with felony criminal sexual abuse and misdemeanor battery.

An excerpt from the article of November 17, 2013, titled “Minnesota Man Accused of Fondling, Punching Woman at Union Station” :

The 24-year-old victim, of suburban Johnsburg, decided to lie down on a bench and wait for her train at Union Station Saturday morning, according to Assistant State’s Attorney Jacqueline Kwilos and a police arrest report.

Scales then sat down next to her on the bench and began stroking the woman’s buttocks, Kwilos said. At first, the woman ignored what felt like a light touch, but she felt it a second time and sat up, according to the report.

Additional details and possible updates can be seen in a variety of media sources, including the article mentioned above.